Make Votes Matter Day of Action

On the 12th December 2020 one of our partners – Make Votes Matter – held another of their excellent “Day of Action” days. Due to Tier lockdowns it was difficult for people to meet in groups, so a lot of the work was held online, but it was no less effective.

This brilliantly simple zoom call by the @MVM_lewes group highlights just how important changing our voting system is. The theme is “silent” as the First Past The Post UK electoral system means that UK voters have no voice, and thus voters are disenfranchised. It has received over 180,000 views.

Have a look at Make Votes Matter Silent Voices. If you are on Twitter please retweet it, let’s get the message out there.

In addition Make Votes Matter are sending Christmas Cards to all their MPs and we encourage you to do the same letting them know about how important it is to change our voting system. You can find your MPs constituency address here, Who is My MP?