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Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform

In the General Election of 2019; Boris Johnson's Conservatives got 43% of votes cast - a clear minority.

That led to Johnson getting 56% of the seats in Parliament - a majority of 80 seats, meaning he can pretty much whatever he likes. Getting only a minority of support should not result in 'elective dictatorship'.

Other parties were grossly under-represented. Even worse, millions of voters were cheated because the 'First Past The Post' voting system destroys the concept of 'one-person-one-vote' and all votes counting equally.

Here are the number of votes it took each party to get an MP elected:

SNP: 25,882
Conservative: 38, 264
Labour: 50.835
LDs: 336,038
Greens: 865,697

Some say that it's worth sacrificing true democracy so long as we have a strong, stable government; that single-party rule is best for everyone. That is a deeply cynical distortion of the concept of the will of the people - and it's hard to remember when this country last had a strong, stable administration.

Others say that people aren't bothered about this; that they don't care about voting and democracy.

Not so:

In 2019

61% of people asked said they were dissatisfied at the state of our democracy
32% said they would have to vote 'tactically'
Only 25% said they felt their vote might lead to a change of the their local MP.

Sources: BBC and the Electoral Reform Society

A key part of the remedy - restoring our democracy - is electoral reform. Go to 'Proportionality and Voter Power' on this site for our policy for proportional representation and the single transferable vote.