Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform endorsements for Federal Committees

Message from Crispin Allard, LDER Chair:

Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform has a strategic goal to prioritise PR/STV in the party’s campaign strategy, its manifesto and its discussions with other parties, whether before or after the next General Election.

To help achieve this goal, we need to influence a number of key federal committees, and we are therefore endorsing candidates for the following committees:

  • Federal Board, which replaces Federal Executive and now takes on a new role of setting the party’s strategy
  • Federal Policy Committee, which is responsible for the party’s General Election manifesto
  • Federal Conference Committee, which decides the motions and amendments to be debated at Autumn and Spring Conference

You will be receiving voting instructions for elections to these committees very soon (if you do not already have them).  We encourage you to vote for the following candidates, who are members of LDER and have made a commitment to support our strategic goal of prioritising PR/STV.  We are contacting all candidates for these committees and will add to this list any other candidates who decide to do likewise.

Federal Board:
Keith Sharp
Mark Pack
Richard Fagence

Federal Policy Committee:
Michael Kilpatrick
Keith Sharp
Richard Fagence

Federal Conference Committee:
Joe Otten
Richard Fagence