Other campaigners for electoral reform

Achieving electoral reform will take collaboration across political parties and between organisations. That’s why LDER work closely with a range of other electoral reform campaign organisations and several LDER exec members are actively involved within them. Some of our key allies are:

The Electoral Reform Society

Founded in 1884, the Electoral Reform Society is an independent campaigning organisation working to champion the rights of voters and build a better democracy in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They make the case for lasting political reforms, seek to embed democracy into the heart of public debate, and foster the democratic spaces which encourage active citizenship.

Unlock Democracy

Unlock Democracy argues and campaigns for a vibrant, inclusive democracy that puts power in the hands of the people. They are aiming in particular for a democratic participative process resulting in a written constitution that serves and protects the people.

Make Votes Matter

Make Votes Matter is a single-issue campaign for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons and encourages all parties, candidates and MPs to support PR. They have developed a Good Voting System Agreement as a way of fostering cross-party agreement on the key principles of a good voting system.