Our objectives

  1. We favour an electoral system that reflects the Liberal Democrat values of fairness, democracy and effective representation for individuals and communities.
  2. We believe that to meet these values, an electoral system should deliver maximum power to the voter, enabling all voters to support representatives of their choice without fear of wasting their vote, and should result in elected members that are genuinely accountable to their electors and a representative body that proportionately reflects the opinions of the electorate.
  3. We support the use of the Single Transferable Vote in Multi-Member Constituencies for all public elections, and for all internal party elections, as the system that best achieves these objectives. For positions to be filled by a single individual, we support the use of the Alternative Vote. We support other changes to democratic arrangements that will advance our values.
  4. We seek to promote these values and objectives within the Liberal Democrats through influencing party policy, lobbying the party leadership and educating all party members on the benefits of these proposals. We seek to promote the Liberal Democrats externally as being at the forefront of the wider electoral reform movement and to work with other organisations to promote our aims.

You can view our constitution in full here.