The Single Transferable Vote

About STV

LDER campaigns for the use of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) for all public elections in the UK. Liberals and Liberal Democrats have long supported the use of STV, as combining proportional representation with maximum voter choice. It is used for local government elections in Scotland, and in Northern Ireland for all elections except for the UK Parliament. It has been used for all elections in the Republic of Ireland since that country’s independence in 1921.

You can read more about the principles of STV here.


How might STV work for the UK Parliament?

LDER chair Denis Mollison has put together a simple scheme for proportional representation for the UK Parliament that could be implemented very quickly. The proposed constituencies are based on existing local authority boundaries, and shown on the following map (click to see a larger version).

Further details of the scheme are in the following documents:

Map and schedule of constituencies

Advantages of the scheme

Fuller details