Q: Given all the problems that need fixing, why is electoral reform so important?

A: Solving the nation’s problems requires governments and politicians to be accountable to and representative of the people. The current “First-Past-The-Post” system misrepresents people’s votes and distorts the priorities of our legislators, impairing every government decision.

Q: After the AV referendum, isn’t electoral reform dead in the water?

A: Absolutely not. The problems caused by our outdated electoral and political system have not gone away. Electoral reform for the House of Commons may be on hold for a few years, but there is plenty to tackle, including rotten boroughs in local government and House of Lords reform.

Q: What issues are you campaigning on?

A: Current campaigns include introducing proportional representation for local government in England and Wales, replacing the closed list system used for European elections with open lists (and eventually STV) and maintaining the pressure for an elected House of Lords.

Q: Why should I join?

A: By joining Liberal Democrats for Electoral Reform, you will strengthen our influence in the Party. As a member you will be able to help decide our policies and priorities. Your support will help us promote our message at conferences and throughout the year.

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