Summer special newsletter

Chuka talks to LDER

LDER exec member and Vauxhall PPC Sarah Lewis recently interviewed our new MP – Chuka Umunna – about his long-held belief in the need for electoral reform. It’s great to see him so resolutely supporting key Liberal Democrat principles and policies.

Click here or visit our Facebook page to watch the interview.

Jo talks to the Electoral Reform Society

During the recent leadership contest, Jo Swinson found time to discuss matters electoral reform with Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society. Her commitment to PR/STV as a priority shines through the conversation. Click here to watch.

Notice of LDER AGM and elections to the Executive

Our 2019 AGM will be held during the Bournemouth Conference  — venue and timings will follow shortly.

A key activity is to elect a new executive for 2019/20. Positions available are:

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary; plus five ordinary members.

The executive meets, usually for an hour-long conference call, about ten times per year to pursue our remit of promoting an understanding of electoral reform among party members and to highlight its priority as party policy. Please let us know if you are interested in being on the executive; although it is also possible to nominate yourself at the AGM itself.

2 thoughts on “Summer special newsletter”

  1. I am interested in being on the LDER executive. How do I apply?

    Tim Knight

    1. That’s great news, Tim. If you are coming to Lib Dem conference next month, we will be holding in-person elections to the exec at our AGM there. But if not, it isn’t a problem – we can have a chat with you by phone / email in advance about what you’d like to do, and then put you forward for election at the AGM in absentia.

      I’m passing your contact details to our chair, Denis Mollison, now, and he will be in touch shortly to discuss what sort of role you’re interested in and whether you’ll be able to attend the AGM.

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